Compilation of Claims Information for Resolution Insurance Ltd

The Kenya Healthcare Federation continues to be engaged in the ongoing process of compiling and resolving outstanding claims information related to Resolution Insurance Ltd.

We are regularly requesting up-to-date details from our members on any claims that remain unpaid. As new information is provided, we are analyzing the data to identify trends and commonalities among open claims. Understanding the scope and specifics allows us to effectively advocate on behalf of our members.

We are having continual discussions to express the concerns raised by our members and push for improvements in claims processing. This is an ongoing dialogue rather than a one-time interaction.

The Kenya Healthcare Federation will persist in compiling updated claims data from members and pressing Resolution for resolutions. We are committed to this continuous process for as long as necessary to achieve our goals of reimbursement and claims processing.
Please reach out if you have any other questions as we continue our efforts.

If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact Aiddah Kabukuru at

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