Dear Esteemed Members,

Find attached the Nomination Forms of the following Vacant Categories of Board Representations for 2021 KHF Elections.

  1. KHF Chairman – 1 Position
  2. KHF Director Professional Association – 1 Position
  3. KHF Director Corporate – 2 positions

Also find attached the Nomination Timetable and the 2021 Paid up Membership List


This form must be duly completed and received by the secretariat on or before 20th March 2021 at the KHF offices or via email, Attn: KHF CEO ( We will be updating and sharing the 2021 Paid up list regularly as members continue to renew their 2021 membership.

KHF Chairman Nomination Form – 2021

KHF Director Corporate Nomination Form – 2021

KHF Director Professional Association Nomination Form – 2021

KHF Election Timetable – 2021

KHF 2021 Paid Up Members as at 7th April 2021