NHIF Arrears and Receivables Study by Kenya Healthcare Federation

The Kenya Healthcare Federation continues to strongly advocate for the timely and complete payment of NHIF claims owed to healthcare providers. We regularly gather updated claims data from members to analyze concerning trends in unpaid or delayed claims. By compiling this claims information, we are able to understand the full scope of the issues impacting providers.

Our CEO actively engages in ongoing dialogue with NHIF to communicate member concerns and provide regular updates on claims disbursements and payment status. Through persistent and constructive engagement, we aim to on improving the claims processing system to ensure providers are promptly and fairly reimbursed. Resolving this critical issue remains our top priority as we leverage our aggregated voice to press NHIF for accurate settlement of all valid outstanding claims.

Kenya Healthcare Federation remains fully committed to representing our members’ interests until the extensive backlog of overdue payments is addressed through improved NHIF processes.

Thank you for your ongoing support and feedback regarding Resolution Insurance Ltd claims and NHIF account Arrears and Receivables.

If you need any additional information, please feel free to contact Aiddah Kabukuru at akabukuru@khf.co.ke

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