Talk on Data Protection and Compliance in the Digital Age

The Kenya Healthcare Federation, in collaboration with Old Mutual, orchestrated an enlightening talk that delved into the intricate realms of Data Protection and Compliance in the Digital Age. This groundbreaking event served as a vital platform for industry leaders and professionals to explore the delicate balance between privacy and data protection laws. The speaker for the event was Francis Otieno. The discussion, encompassing crucial topics such as data protection principles, lawful processing of personal data, and understanding the nuances of data breach versus privacy breach, shed light on the intricacies businesses face in the modern digital landscape. Participants gained invaluable insights into their duties and obligations under data protection laws, paving the way for a more secure and compliant approach to handling sensitive information.

In the span of just 45 minutes, attendees were immersed in a wealth of knowledge, from deciphering the complexities of data sharing agreements to grasping the consequences of non-compliance with data protection laws and privacy policies. The event not only clarified the definitions surrounding data protection but also demystified the realm of consent in the digital sphere. By dissecting these essential aspects, the talk not only empowered businesses to navigate the legal intricacies effectively but also fostered a community of professionals well-versed in safeguarding data privacy in our rapidly evolving digital age.

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