The Afya Elimu fund (AEF) is a public- private partnership (PPP) initiative aimed at increasing access to both pre-service & in- service training fees for the needy middle level college students geared towards responding to existing gaps in capacity development of the health workforce in Kenya and unmet needs for certain cadres of health workers.  This initiative is a joint venture between the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB), the USAID funded FUNZOKenya project, KHF and the Ministry of Health (MOH).

The fund attracts a joint participation of the Private Financial & non- financial sectors, Faith based Organization (FBOs), Ministry of Education (MOE), The National Treasury and the Vision 2030. HELB administers the fund as an affordable loan product managed by a loan management oversight committee comprising of representatives of the key stakeholders.  The ultimate aim of this initiative is to create a self-sustaining revolving fund from which students will continue access financial assistance to enroll into health sector related courses. It is KHF’s responsibility to mobilize AEF – funds financing from the private sector.

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