Prospective Members – Interested in Joining?

KHF welcomes reputable private healthcare businesses and associations with operations in Kenya in order to jointly spearhead the development of the Private Healthcare Sector in the country and EA region. KHF speaks for multinationals, SME’s and Start-Ups organized under different sector boards and working groups reflective of the 16 sectors of the economy. KHF has over 170 members through Associations and Organizations.

The annual KHF membership fees are as follows:

Type of MemberAnnual membership fee in Kshs.
Health Organizations*50,000/=
Institutional Associations10,000/=
Professional Associations10,000/=

If you would like to become a member or receive more information on KHF membership, please feel free to reach out to us via or call us on: +254 702 249 853 or +254 741 867 356.

Membership Form

Kindly download the below KHF Membership Subscription Form and send it via email to and

KHF Membership Subscription Form