KHF meeting with Healthcare Regulatory Bodies

Kenya Healthcare Federation (KHF) engagement with Healthcare Regulatory Bodies

In Kenya today, it can be overwhelming to know and understand which regulatory body in the health care industry is mandated to regulate specific healthcare cadres and standards. KHF aims to engage and partner with the regulatory bodies to understand their specific roles in order to strengthen the health system by shedding light in the health sector on the specific roles of the regulatory bodies.

Kenya Healthcare Federation(KHF) Chairman in a meeting with the Clinical Officers Council Officials.

Regulation plays a major role in the health care industry and health care insurance coverage. The various regulatory bodies in Kenya protect the public from a number of health risks and provide numerous programs for public health and welfare. Healthcare regulations and standards are necessary to ensure compliance and to provide safe healthcare to every individual who access the system.

Kenya Healthcare Federation met with the Clinical Officers Council of Kenya, on 14th March 2018 at Blue Violet Plaza building on Kindaruma road – Nairobi and Public Health Officers and Technicians Council of Kenya, on 7th March 2018 at Kenya Medical Training College – Nairobi, to introduce the Federation to the two councils and set ground for a strong partnership.

The meeting was led by Faith Muigai – KHF Director, Dr. Amit Thakker – Chairman and Puja Tank – Executive Coordinator. The partnership will see good working relation hence enhance, more job creation by the council moreover, the federation will work with the council through enabling policies that maximize the contribution of the private sector.

Having a strong and effective Public Private Partnership in Health, will spur a higher Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) growth more over in the next phase, also this will ensure that the Human Resource for Health is strengthened.

The meetings were well attended by the Federation’s secretariat and the two council’s official’s.

L-R Mr. Aggrey Oriema – Public Health Officers and Technicians Council of Kenya in a meeting with Faith Muigai – Kenya Healthcare Federation Director.

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