Talk on Taking Your Healthcare Organization to the Next Level with Strategic Financial Planning

The Kenya Healthcare Federation (KHF) partnered with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to host an important talk on financial management for health small and medium-sized enterprises (HSMEs) in Kenya. The main goal of the talk was to showcase a new financial management toolkit that provides practical templates and resources aimed at boosting HSMEs’ financial governance, planning, and reporting capabilities.

The financial toolkit included useful templates that HSMEs can leverage for business plans, financial forecasts and budgets, and governance reporting. A key template demonstrated was a standardized business plan that aligned company objectives across stakeholders—uniting vision and operations between owners, management, staff, and outside partners or investors.

By adopting the toolkit templates for financial statements, forecasts, valuations, and governance structures, Kenyan HSMEs can markedly strengthen their financial management processes. In turn, this supports better access to investment and growth financing from banks, shareholders, and other sources.

In summary, the KHF and IFC talk introduced a comprehensive toolkit to empower Kenyan HSMEs on the financial management side. With better financial governance and planning, these vital healthcare organizations can improve sustainability and access the funding needed to maintain and expand critical health services.

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