Progress and Potential: Advancing Local Manufacturing in Kenya USAID PSE Meets Tasa Pharmaceuticals

USAID’s Private Sector Engagement team met with representatives from Tasa Pharma, a Kenyan manufacturer focused on sterile injectables. Tasa Pharma outlined their capabilities in quality assurance, training, and good manufacturing practices while highlighting ambitions to expand production volumes and pursue advanced technologies like mRNA manufacturing. However, Tasa Pharma faces challenges around financing, government procurement policies that favor imports, and competing with foreign companies.

The meeting explored opportunities for USAID Private Sector Engagement collaboration to help Tasa Pharma and other local drug makers. Specific ideas proposed included assistance in expanding production lines, advocacy for reduced fees and taxes, and backing preferential procurement policies to support domestic manufacturers.

Overall, the discussion highlighted the promise of companies like Tasa Pharma for increasing access to essential medicines in Kenya, but also obstacles around policy, financing, and competing with imports. With targeted support in areas like expanding manufacturing capabilities, policy reform, and securing investments, USAID Private Sector Engagement could strengthen self-sufficiency in local essential drug production.

The meeting set the stage for an ongoing partnership between USAID Private Sector Engagement and local manufacturers around this shared goal

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