Africa Medical Equipment Facility (AMEF)

Kenya Healthcare Federation (KHF) recently partnered with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to host a two-day Africa Medical Equipment Facility (AMEF) HSME training event in Eldoret, Kenya. The interactive training equipped participants from various health SMEs with valuable skills to improve how they procure medical equipment. Presentations and hands-on activities covered conducting needs assessments, budget planning, navigating tender processes, understanding financing options, and more relating to medical equipment procurement. Expert speakers shared insights, including Faith Muigai and Bas Rozemuller from the IFC, Charity Kamau of KHF, and Joseph Williamson and Omar from the IFC.
The overarching goal of empowering health SMEs to make better-informed procurement decisions through this training is to increase long-term healthcare access across Africa. By boosting the knowledge of key healthcare equipment purchasers, more appropriate and cost-effective medical equipment can reach hospitals and clinics serving vulnerable populations. Alongside the procurement training, participants also took part in a tree planting exercise on Kenya’s National Tree Growing Day, honoring the environment.
Overall, the AMEF training marked an impactful milestone for 51 healthcare SME representatives to gain practical procurement abilities. With the expertise gained, participants can now apply the best practices around needs assessments, budgets, tenders, financing, and vendor selection when procuring healthcare equipment. This will enable healthcare providers to access quality, affordable equipment to better serve patients and communities across the African continent in the long run.
KHF and IFC’s continuing collaboration aims to run similar trainings in 2024

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