KHF/UNICAF MOU Signing Ceremony

We are delighted to share a transformational collaboration that aims to make health education affordable and accessible to the health sector fraternity and are grateful to Unicaf for choosing Kenya Healthcare Federation as its strategic partner in this initiative. This collaboration is fully aligned with our goal of championing an enabling environment that supports quality affordable healthcare for all.

Unicaf has partnered with Kenya Healthcare Federation through a mutually beneficial collaboration, primarily focused on the UNICAF Corporate Scholarship Scheme (CSS). The collaboration will provide a platform for UNICAF to deliver Academic and Professional Development Programmes to KHF members, and for Kenya Healthcare Federation to further promote and share UNICAF educational programmes among all KHF Members’ staff and their families, member organizations and professional networks.

UNICAF is a global educational organisation based in Europe, offering scholarships and facilitating online Masters studies with its partners in the UK: Liverpool John Moores University, the University of East London and the University of Suffolk in the UK, as well as online delivery of professional development short courses of the University of California, Riverside Extension in the USA.

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