Insurance Regulatory Authority Meeting

Kenya Healthcare Federation held a meeting with the IRA Kenya on 13th April 2022. The meeting was led by the CEO & Commissioner of Insurance Regulatory Authority, Kiptum Godfrey, KHF CEO, Dr. Anastasia Nyalita and KHF Resolution Insurance Taskforce Chair, Dr. paul mwaniki.                                                                      

The main focus area was the outstanding debts owed to Private Health Facilities by Resolution Insurance Limited.

1. IRA highlighted that the Policyholders Compensation Fund is set to release an official notice next week with detailed guidelines on how the affected parties will submit their claims.
2. IRA also advised KHF Members to submit, through KHF, any other Health Insurance Challenges they may be facing with other Insurance Providers.   

In attendance were also IRA Supervision Division, Erick Komolo and Mary Nkoimu; Penda HealthAngelica Kinyua; Karen Dental Clinic and Royal Dental Clinic, Ismael Okoth AwinoRadiant Group of Hospitals, Charles Kaberere and GODFREY OMONDIThe Karen Hospital, Seline Julu; Family Health Dental Clinic, Wariara Ndegwa and KHF Secretariat Grace Mutia and Edwin Syeunda.

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