High-Level Stakeholder Meeting with the Ministry of Health, Kenya CAS Health, Dr. Rashid Aman

Kenya Healthcare Federation held a High-Level Stakeholder Meeting with the Ministry of Health, Kenya Chief Administrative Secretary Health, Dr. Rashid Aman on 7th April. The meeting was led by Ministry of Health, Kenya Chief Administrative Secretary, Dr. Rashid Aman and KHF CEO, Dr. Anastasia Nyalita.

The main focus areas included; 
1. Challenges faced by private sector with respect to KMLTTB
2. Proposed regulatory fees increment by various regulatory authorities such as Kenya Nuclear Regulatory Authority, PPB and Music Copyright Society of Kenya.
3. Zero Rating on Health Products and Technologies (including medical devices and kidney dialyzers).

In attendance were also KHF Director and Supply Chain Chair, Vinod Guptan, KHF Director Antony Jaccodul-MLS,MBA, KHF HR & QS Vice Chair, Oduor – Otieno Fredrick, KACP representation, Chairperson, Dr. Noelle Orata, Dr. Geoffrey Omuse and Dr. Jonathan Kukka; Penda Health representation, Ms. Maureen Muthinzi and Ms. Anne Khasamba.

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