Focus Group Discussion on Enablers and Barriers to Women’s Career Advancement in Healthcare

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is funding a collaborative project between Strathmore University Business School (SBS) in Kenya and the Kenya Healthcare Federation (KHF) aimed at advancing women into leadership roles across Kenya’s health sector.

Titled “Driving Country Level Change – Women in Health Leadership Project,” the goal of the research is to understand barriers and facilitators for getting more women into mid-to-senior leadership positions in healthcare in Kenya. SBS and KHF will conduct a study to identify challenges that have historically prevented women in the country from rising to health leadership roles. The insights will inform policies and initiatives to promote gender equality and empower women to attain leadership positions in Kenya’s health workforce.

By driving change at a national level, the project aims to achieve better gender balance in health leadership and ensure women have greater representation in shaping the healthcare system.

KHF hosted a Focus Group Discussion for the project, delving into enablers and barriers shaping women’s career advancement in the health sector. The event featured remarks by KHF and KEPSA leadership on the importance of women’s leadership. Discussions ignited meaningful dialogues to advance women in health leadership roles in Kenya.

The rich insights shared during the Focus Group Discussion will help propel the goals of the Women in Health Leadership project to get more women into mid-to-senior level health leadership positions in the country.

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