KHF Digital Health Workshop

The Kenya Healthcare Federation (KHF) hosted an insightful Digital Health Workshop. In collaboration with Technology Associates and Huawei, the workshop centered around the theme of Leveraging Technology and Intelligence for the Advancement of Smart Hospitals.

KHF Chair Dr. Gakombe opened by stressing the interconnected future of healthcare, urging institutions to fully embrace the ongoing digital transformation in the sector. This sentiment was echoed by Sid, who emphasized that innovation should be a means to fundamentally improve healthcare services and outcomes, not an end in itself innovation must be purpose-driven, with potential to catalyze revolutionary positive change in healthcare.

The urgency of integrating advanced technologies into healthcare was underscored by Dr. Tim Theuri, CEO of KHF. He also advocated for key components such as data sharing, predictive analytics, and supportive policies to facilitate digital adoption.

The workshop offered a platform for insightful dialogue on harnessing technology to create smarter, more efficient, and accessible healthcare systems. KHF and its partners aim to continue driving this important conversation.

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