Flag-off Ceremony: The National Health Facilities Assessment

Dr. Tim Theuri, CEO of the Kenya Healthcare Federation, joined the flag-off ceremony at Afya House led by Health Cabinet Secretary, Hon. Nakhumicha S. Wafula. This event marked the initiation of the National Health Facilities Assessment, a collaborative effort involving non-state actors with the aim of achieving service-based accreditation and enhancing healthcare delivery nationwide.

Dedicated teams of healthcare professionals, administrators, and experts embarked on a meticulously planned two-week mission, covering every corner of the country. Their goal was to evaluate and strengthen healthcare facilities, even in the remotest areas, identifying areas for improvement to enhance the overall quality and accessibility of healthcare services. The teams’ commitment was evident as they meticulously examined facilities, addressing gaps in infrastructure, equipment, staffing, and operational efficiency.

This collaborative initiative showcased the power of unity and highlighted the importance of collective action in elevating the standard of healthcare and shaping a healthier future for the people of Kenya.

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