Africa Medical Equipment Facility(AMEF) – Healthcare SME AMEF Training | 7th and 8th June 2023 | Mombasa

Kenya Healthcare Federation, in collaboration with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), successfully organized the Healthcare SME AMEF Training on the 7th and 8th of June 2023. The training took place at the Pride Inn Paradise Beach Resort in Mombasa and aimed to equip small and medium-sized healthcare enterprises with the essential skills and knowledge for efficient medical equipment procurement.

The training commenced with a warm welcome from Faith Muigai of the IFC, who provided an introduction to the course agenda. Dr. Tim Theuri, CEO of KHF, highlighted the significant role of KHF in supporting private sector Health Small and Medium Enterprises (HSMEs), emphasizing the importance of good governance.

Throughout the training, participants were guided through the medical equipment procurement journey. Dr. Joseph Williamson and Faith Muigai from the IFC offered a comprehensive overview of the steps involved in conducting a needs assessment, including gathering key information for planning, identifying appropriate medical equipment categories, determining necessary expertise for equipment operation and maintenance, soliciting information, and conducting feasibility studies.

Omar Elbadawy from the IFC delivered an informative presentation on the Financial Toolkit, providing valuable insights into financial management in the healthcare industry. Additionally, COOP Bank presented on the topic of Applying for Financing, offering practical guidance and advice to the participants.

The training also featured OEM introductions, allowing participants to familiarize themselves with original equipment manufacturers and their solutions. Furthermore, Dr. Joseph Williamson and Faith Muigai facilitated a comprehensive question-and-answer session, addressing any queries or concerns raised by the attendees regarding the training content.

As the training drew to a close, participants were encouraged to provide feedback on their experience through feedback forms. Faith Muigai of the IFC delivered the closing remarks, expressing gratitude for the active participation and highlighting the importance of the acquired knowledge and skills in improving medical equipment procurement processes.

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