East Africa Health Expo 2023

The East Africa Health Expo 2023, held in collaboration with Kenya Healthcare Federation, Strathmore Business School (SBS), and IFC, spanned over two days (4th and 5th of May) with the theme of Creating Linkages for Improved Health.

On Day 1, attendees experienced keynote speeches and panel discussions on improving healthcare in East Africa. Dr. Tim Theuri, CEO of KHF, and Dr. Majid Twahir, Faculty SBS, introduced the theme of the expo, aimed at creating linkages for improved health. Dr. Ben Ngoye discussed the significance of a holistic approach to well-being, highlighting the broader determinants of health.

Day 1 featured panel sessions on road safety and health, innovative healthcare solutions, and improving access to essential interventions, as well as a panel session on WASH and Health. This day was an impactful event that addressed critical issues related to healthcare in East Africa and provided a platform for stakeholders to find innovative solutions for the future.

Day 2 began with Spotlight Innovation for Exhibitors ahead of each panel session. The first session focused on promoting patient safety and service quality, followed by another session on providing financial risk protection from health-related expenses, and the expo ended with Panel Session on Education, Nutrition, and Health. The sessions were interactive, with attendees participating actively.

Dr. Tim Theuri gave a vote of thanks and urged for a white paper to continue the conversation. Prof Kokwaro delivered the closing remarks, concluding the East Africa Health Expo 2023 with a high note.

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