Launch of PASGR – KHF Partnership

PASGR and Kenya Healthcare Federation organized a ceremony to sign the Memorandum of Understanding and announcing their partnership. The launch event emphasized on the importance of partnership and set the stage for other imperative engagements and activities while aiming towards achieving the outcomes of healthcare research in Africa.

The signing ceremony was led by Dr. Anthony Mveyange, Executive Director, PASGR and Dr. Anastasia Nyalita, CEO, Kenya Healthcare Federation highlighting the key objectives of the partnership. PASGR and KHF are working collaboratively to:

1. Develop and implement research projects in areas of common interest
2. Leverage their networks to broaden the scope and scale of PASGR’s and KHF’s capacity building initiatives
3. Jointly organize forums for relevant policy actors knowledge events and engagement.

Richard Obiga, Program Officer, National Social Protection Kenya gave a keynote address on social protection and the importance of promoting inclusive growth for everyone especially in poverty reduction, gender equality.

KHF Board Directors, Vinod Guptan and Dr. Linus Wachira Ndegwa together with Dr. Anthony Mveyange, Executive Director, PASGR; Dr. Samuel Oji Oti, Co-founder, Global Health Decolonisation Movement in Africa and Dr. Anne Kamau, Institute for Development Studies University of Nairobi participated in a panel discussion on “The role of the private sector in delivering Universal Health Coverage in Kenya”.  

Key discussions revolved around barriers and opportunities for Kenya/East African Community to achieve UHC and the involvement of the Private Sector and non-state actors to stimulate demand for and uptake of #UHC in the region.

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