Kisumu International Investment Summit and Expo

On 21st December 2021, During the Kisumu International Investment Summit and Expo, The Private Health Sector had a Panelist Session regarding Health Systems under the theme; Leveraging Private Investment in the Health Sector for Sustainable Development. This session was moderated by Health Regulations Quality and Standards Committee Chair, Ms. Millicent Olulo Orera.

The main focus areas were; leasing of medical equipment from and to the county, setting up of super specialty services and centers of excellence in county and within the county facilities and appropriate Innovative Financing Mechanisms.

Leveraging the Private Sector to invest in the Public Sector and encouraging the shared values will go a long way in helping the country in achieving SDG. The Private Sector is presented with many opportunities from which it can easily fill the identified gaps while still pursuing its objectives either through the traditional pure private model or alternative models such as the Public Private Partnership form of collaboration.

HR Q&S Committee Chair Ms. Millicent Olulo, KHF CEO, Dr. Anastasia Nyalita, PharmAccess Kenya Country Director, Dr. Wasunna Owino and KWE Business Advisory Services, Executive Coach Dr. Gordon Otieno Odundo.

The Panelists of this first session were; 
1. Chief Officer Health Kisumu, Dr. Ganda.
2. KHF CEO, Dr. Anastasia Nyalita.
3. PharmAccess Kenya Country Director, Dr. Wasunna Owino.
4. KWE Business Advisory Services, Executive Coach Dr. Gordon Otieno Odundo.

The Second Health System Session was about Re-engineering Health Commodities and Technologies Management. This session was moderated by Maseno University, Obstetrician Gynaecologist, Dr. Kennedy Onyango. The key focus areas discussed were; health commodity and technologies manufacturing, regional distributorships and hubs, supply chain technology for efficiency and effectiveness and innovative financing mechanisms.

The Panelists of this second session were; 
1. KHF CEO, Dr. Anastasia Nyalita.
2. Founder Hewa Tele, Dr. Benard Olayo.
3. President & CEO Med Additus, Prof. Dhiren Thakker.

Covid 19 Pandemic continues to present major challenges to the health system far beyond the direct impact on the population such as mortality and morbidity. The resulting disruption of the global supply chain pushed for the re-examination of globalization to organizations around polycentric regionalism as a possible route for health commodity access. Thus, cushioning regions from the emerging challenges of market failure. Kisumu seeks to take advantage of its strategic location and excellent infrastructure to create a regional manufacturing hub for health commodity and technologies.

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