Reshaping Health Workforce Mentorship

Medixus are excited to join the KHF community. Medixus is an app that aims to revolutionise the way medical expertise is shared and developed across the continent by providing a digital platform for pan-African peer support and collaboration. It provides a tool for sharing best practice between individuals, hospitals and regions. In addition, it allows healthcare workers to connect with specialists across all fields for support and advice on specific cases, empowering them to make the best clinical decisions in the field. Lack of support and mentorship is one of the most-cited reasons for healthcare professionals leaving our continent, contributing to a growing deficit of 2.4 million workers in the field across the continent. Often the distance between doctors and their peers means that their physical support networks can be limited. Medixus provides a community focused on disease burdens and treatment pathways relevant to those in the field, reducing professional isolation and improving quality of care through ongoing professional development.

The sparsity of specialists means that sending patients for consultation is costly, time consuming and can be simply inaccessible to most. Medixus provides access to a database of consultants and mentors, as well as secure uploading and sharing of case notes. This will improve local access to specialist knowledge and has the potential to save lives. Medixus is a team of medical professionals and software developers based in Nairobi and London, who firmly believe that the most pressing issue facing African healthcare is not a lack of skills and knowledge, but a lack of enough healthcare workers remaining on the continent. The team is headed by founding team Nicole Kayode, Rita Mantler & Dr. Jean Kyula.

Reimagining medical mentorship to strengthen Health Work Force

Nicole recently was interviewed by the Daily Nation and Business Africa Online We are looking to connect with healthcare providers and individual doctors, feel free to reach out if you would like to learn more – So far doctors using the platform have said: “A fantastic site to share information and exchange ideas and knowledge.”  and “It is a good platform for networking with good clinical cases and will only get better as the following grows”

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