Public Private Partnership

“Private health sector should have code of conduct!”

“Private Health Sector should have code of conduct that govern its operations!” This was a call by the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Health, Hon. Sicily Kariuki to the private health sector to come up with code of conduct that will govern the way the private sector operates. The CS said this during the 10th Ministerial Stakeholder Forum, which was held on 27th February 2019. She said this while addressing the issues of Human Resource for Health, where she noted that most of the private health sector usually employ health workers whose contract has been terminated on disciplinary grounds or irregularities from the public sector. The code of conduct should also address this and the private sector be sensitized against hiring such personnel.

The Public Private Partnership Committee of Kenya Healthcare Federation (KHF), held their first meeting at KHF offices on 20th March 2019 to discuss and outline 2019 focus areas. There was a unanimous agreement that the committee will tap into Kenya Private Sector alliance (KEPSA) Resources and work closely with KEPSA to crystalize clear requirements for drafting the code of conduct.

Other committee’s focus areas for the year 2019 include: Mapping out PPP areas in the counties through a comparison of the various studies done by stakeholders and map out gaps identified, act as the private sector’s focal point of advisory and delivery of the Global Fund, and Draft a  position paper on bureaucratic challenges facing the Private Sector regarding involvement in Universal Health Coverage (UHC) implementation at the County level. The committee will also work with other committees on their findings on UHC in the 4 pilot counties. The committee will review the PPP Act document and its restrictions to the PPP at the county level.

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