eHealth Summit

 1st Kenya – Poland eHealth Summit

eHealth is an electronic channel for seeking, finding and understanding health information from electronic sources, hence apply the knowledge obtained in solving health problems. Moreover, eHealth provide a better platform for patients data entry and recording.

In Kenya eHealth has fundamentally shifted the way patients’ information is accessed and shared across health system. This technology advancement has improved Healthcare delivery in Kenya.

However, full implementation of eHealth in Kenya has encountered challenges like; eHealth standards, ICT capacity, eLegislation, eHealth infrastructure, Security& privacy issues and Technical Organization. Inorder to tackle this challenges, there should be advancement in infrastructure and education/awareness.

Kenya Healthcare Federation well represented in the eHealth panel discussion

eMedica held the 1st Kenya – Poland eHealth summit on 20th March 2018 to scrutinize on partnership which will also be a good learning ground for ehealth strengthening. In this light, Poland, who is undergoing a digital transformation in healthcare and faces many similar challenges can be an interesting partner for Kenya – not only on the government level to exchange regulatory experience, but also on a medical and business level to establish valuable business links and scientific cooperation between the countries.

From the business and medical standpoint, there is a huge potential to utilize Polish Technologies and experience in many e-health initiatives in Kenya. Polish and Kenyan entrepreneurs will encounter a very fertile ground for collaboration in the implementation of their innovative e-health solutions. The summit aimed at engaging both sides to help them establish valuable links between each other that would lead to many successful common ventures.

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