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Market trends, policy changes, and technological updates; research and development; innovations; grants/funding; collaboration opportunities.

Training and Education:

  • Workshops and Seminars: Information on upcoming training sessions, workshops, and seminars
  • Certification Programs: Details on certification programs for manufacturing professionals
  • Online Courses: Listings of relevant online courses and training materials

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  • Upcoming events/conferences and recommendations from previous ones

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  • Available jobs in the industry
  • Internships
  • Career advice

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  • Case Studies: Detailed case studies of successful local manufacturing projects
  • Interviews: Interviews with industry leaders and innovators
  • Community Impact: Stories highlighting the impact of local manufacturing on the community

Training and Education

Access to a free GMP course

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  • Go to ‘Browse by subject’ and select current Good Manufacturing Practices(cGMP).
  • Open ‘eLearning: Foundation of GMP’ to view training details and overview of the curriculum.
  • Click ‘Request’ to create an account as a new user. You will receive an email that grants access to learning materials.
  • Browse the catalog for more courses.

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