Kennedy Auma

Founder/Managing Editor - African Journal of Health Information Systems (AJHIS)

Human Resource for Health Committee (HRH) TORs

  1. Human resource for health strategies in regard to devolution.
  2. Regulation of health professionals.
  3. Harmonization of CPDs across the board.
  4. Interrogation of the existing policies on HR e.g. National human resource policy.
  5. Address the poor quality and standards of HR especially in the public sector which is brought about by work load to professional ration, a situation that will take a longer period to implement.
  6. Carry out a situational analysis to determine the quality workforce.
  7. Linking Telemedicine between the counties to the National Hospitals.
  8. Work on a position statement that says for there to exist quality HR, one must adhere to certain conditions.
  9. Engage the government on Managed Equipment Services (MES) project on equipping of 98 hospitals across the Counties.
  • Community Health Strategy (Field Health Educators)
  • Address the HRH training gap that has led to deaths of mothers and children at birth due to non-trained healthcare workers carrying out Cesarean Section. This can be achieved through involving the concept of task sharing.