Dr. Njoki Fernandes

Chief Health Advisor - Minet Kenya Insurance Brokers


The  health  sector  in  Kenya  relies  on  several  sources  of  funding:  public  (government),  private  firms, households and donors (including faith based organizations and NGOs) as well as health insurance schemes. Unfortunately, limitations in implementing an overall healthcare financing strategy has hindered effective planning, budgeting and provision of health services.

The health system has also struggled with stagnant or declining budgets for health, system inefficiencies, persistently poor service quality and lack of equity. Future planning needs to recognize that “reversing the trends” cannot be achieved by the government health sector alone. Active involvement and partnership with other stakeholders in the provision of care should be intensified.

The goal should be a functioning health system that relies upon collaboration and partnership among all stakeholders, and whose policies and services have an impact on health outcomes. The system should encompass a sector-wide approach and emphasise flexibility for rapid disbursement and constant monitoring of budgetary resources.

Healthcare Financing Committee is one of the Committees moderated by Kenya Healthcare Federation and is served by its Board of Directors along with other Healthcare financing organisations who are members of KHF. The committee who meets quarterly focuses on issues that touches on Healthcare Financing and universal coverage to ensure the overall KHF goal of quality, affordable and accessible healthcare to all Kenyans.

Role of the HCF Committee

To make the voice of the private sector present in the health and population policymaking process in Kenya, through bringing providers together and enable them to speak with a unified voice on health financing issues.


  1. To engage the Government on Healthcare Financing Challenges
  1. To represent KHF in public sector forums, I.e. Ministerial Stakeholders Forum (MSF) and Presidential Roundtable (PRT).

Currently the four healthcare issues that are priority in the PRT are

  • High Maternal and Infant mortality rates
  • High cost of healthcare access due to tax on medical equipment
  • Lack of a Comprehensive Health Financing Strategy
  • Shortage of Healthcare Personnel (HR Development )
  1. To engage relevant Stakeholders in issues Surrounding NHIF

Healthcare Financing Committee believes in a three ideal strategy namely.

  • Tax funding system to strengthen the infrastructure that has been built over years.
  • Subsidize Pillars – Funding from both external sources like NGOs and FBOs and internal sources like the government.
  • Choice in Competition – Suitable regulation for both public and private sectors must be put in place.
  1. To engage regularly with the government in providing input to finalise the Healthcare Financing Strategy.
  2. Engage on alternative models of Healthcare financing.
  3. Review regulations appropriate with the healthcare financing environment including the possibility of establishing Health Basics Regulatory Authority (HBRA)
  4. Engage the counties in Healthcare Financing issues.