Millicent Olulo

PharmAccess Foudation

Healthcare Regulations and Quality & Standards Committee (HR and Q&S)

Terms of Reference

1. Purpose:

  • To provide terms of reference for the effective working of the Quality and Standard Committee, for use by members and for governance process within the committee
  • The Quality and Standards Committee is charged with focusing on quality and adherence to standards in health care for the private sector.

2.      Objectives of the HR and Q&S Committee

ObjectivesActivitiesBy when
i. Policy advocacy to KHFi. Advice KHF on researched and tested policiesAnnually
ii. Develop a strategic planning document

i. Create a renewable annual work plan to support the delivery of quality services

ii. Monitor the progress of the work plan



iii. Promote partnerships

i. Represent KHF at National and County forums

ii. Coordinate private sector Quality and Standards activities and efforts

iii. Foster partnerships with health care’s and stakeholders.

iv. Hold meetings and forums with other development partners





iv. Develop policiesi. Support research studies in quality and policies.Continuous
v. To be the voice of the private health sector in of quality and Standards

i. Organize intra facility forums, to put across the health agenda on the diary

ii. Advice private health sector in benefits of quality health services.

iii. Certify facilities as centers of excellence.

iv. Analyze certification data for benchmarking.





vi. Promote quality services in health institutions

i. Advocacy to embrace auditing and adherence to standards.

ii. Teaching on how to go about performing clinical audits.



vii. Public advocacy to promote quality

i. Educate the public on their right to quality health care.


3.      Reporting

Although the board has delegated authority to the committee for the exercise of certain functions as set out in these terms of reference, it retains all the overall responsibility and accountability for ensuring the quality and safety of healthcare provision.

The committee is directly accountable to the board for its performance in exercising functions set out in these terms of reference.

The Committee, through its Chair and members, shall work closely with other groups to provide advice and assurance to the Board.

The committee Chair shall:

Report formally and on a timely basis to the Board on the committee’s activities. This includes verbal updates on activity, submission of Committees minutes, presentations and reports

4.      Review and Monitoring

These terms of references shall be reviewed annually by the Committee with reference to the Board.

Members of Healthcare Regulations and Quality & Standards Committee

Healthcare Regulations and Quality & Standards Committee is represented by the following organizations who are members of KHF.

  • A&K Global Health
  • Nestle Kenya Limited
  • Jacaranda Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya
  • Philips Healthcare East Africa
  • Kenya Medical Women’s Association
  • Gold Star Kenya
  • Strathmore University
  • Association of Kenya Medical Laboratory and Scientific Officers (AKMLSO)
  • Pharm Access Foundation
  • Kenya Association of Private Hospitals (KAPH)
  • HuQAS
  • AAR Healthcare
  • Health Store EA
  • Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya
  • Health Products Association
  • Equity Foundation
  • Unumed