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Dear Esteemed Members,

We are pleased to unveil to you the Nominated Candidates for the KHF 2021 General Elections. Download the following files;

  1. Election Bulletin showcasing the nominated candidates

        2. 2021 Paid up Members as at 10th May

        3. KHF Nominee List

        4. KHF Voters Register


The following are the events that will take place during the KHF 2021 General Elections;

  1. 9th April 2021 – Unveiling of Nominated Candidates and beginning of Campaign Period.
  2. 24th May 2021 – Beginning of Online Voting.
  3. 26th May 2021, 11:59pm – Closure of Online Voting.
  4. 27th May 2021 – AGM Announcement Results of the KHF 2021 General Elections by Returning Officer. (KHF Company Secretary)

Nominated Candidates are hereby allowed to start campaigning.

Note: We will be updating and sharing the 2021 Paid up list regularly as members continue to renew their 2021 membership.