About Us

Kenya Healthcare Federation (KHF) is the health sector board of the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA). Founded in 2004, the Federation works with care providers, hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers and insurers to promote strategic public-private partnerships toward achieving national access to quality healthcare and is dedicated to engaging the government and all relevant stakeholders in achieving quality healthcare by maximizing the contribution of the private sector.

In addition to influencing public policy, KHF also voices its support and concerns, and provides alternative solutions to issues facing the health sector. So far, the Federation has participated in many policy formation meetings and has actively taken part in the different engagement structures coordinated by KEPSA on any issues raised in regards to health issues. Its membership includes medical associations, professional associations, and corporate members


An enabling environment that supports quality affordable healthcare for all


To champion constructive Public-Private Partnerships for better healthcare by
networking, engaging, representing; and through win – win negotiations.

Core Values

• Compassionate
• Inclusive
• Consensus-building
• Low-ego leadership
• Innovative