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AHBS II: Transforming PPPs for Health in Africa

AHBS II: Transforming PPPs for Health in Africa

L-R: Dr. Ardo Ba (President, FOASPS), Hon. Abdouliaye Diouf Sarr (Minister of Health & Social Action Senegal, Dr. Amit Thakker (Chairman, Africa Healthcare Federation) showing a true sign of public private partnerships during the official opening ceremony.

Africa Health Business Symposium has hit a new milestone this year – it was the first time that the continent was united in West Africa with public sector, private sector and development partner representatives from 51 countries across the globe, Moreover, this conference was a historic partnership effort between the Ministry of Health Senegal, the Private Health Federation of Senegal (ASPS) and Africa Health Business Ltd, leading the path towards the joint objective of achieving SDG3 and transforming the healthcare landscape in our continent.

New relationships were made and old ones renewed as members met in Dakar for the 3 days of knowledge sharing events. The good news is that there is a willingness and demand for the state and non state partners in the healthcare ecosystem to come together to collectively take responsibility of meeting the healthcare challenges. Our diverse and dynamic group of speakers and panelists provided in-depth insight, as well as, actionable activities through practical tools of engagement models, methods and mechanisms.

Key outcomes of AHBSII:

  • Establishment of an honest and true dialogue model process between Ministries of Health that were present and the private sector stakeholders
  • Setting a common ground: all parties agreed that Public Private Partnerships are non-negotiable in achieving healthcare goals in the continent
  • Leadership: all stakeholders agreed to take responsibility in driving towards effective partnerships for tangible positive impact in healthcare outcomes
  • Accountability: we will be tracking the progress on impact and improved health outcomes.This progress will be presented at AHBS III

The lesson is clear – to have a significant impact in healthcare, we must work together. It was an absolute pleasure to host you at AHBS II. We sincerely thank you for your continued support and active participation in our initiative. We hope to see you in South Africa for the 3rd Africa Health Business Symposium next October!


L-R: Clare Omatseye (FOASPS), Zola Mtshiya (Board of Healthcare Funders), Magriet Deetlefs Raxworthy (Nutricia) and Dr. Ardo Ba (FOASPS) during the AHBS III handover ceremony to our event partners in South Africa.

The World Medical Association (WMA) General Assembly, Chicago

The World Medical Association (WMA) General Assembly, Chicago

Dr Jacqueline Kitulu, National Chair Kenya Medical Association and Director Kenya Healthcare Federation (KHF) attended the annual World Medical Association (WMA) General Assembly in Chicago from 11th to 14th October 2017. The event which was open to all constituent members of the World Medical Association, associate members, and observers and to other individuals by special invitation brought together delegates from more than 50 national medical associations.

The World Medical Association (WMA) is an international organization representing physicians, founded on 17 September 1947, when physicians from 27 different countries met at the First General Assembly of the WMA in Paris. The organization was created to ensure the independence of physicians, and to work for the highest possible standards of ethical behaviour and care by physicians, at all times.

Among the issues discussed during this year’s conference were Hunger strikes where the assembly agreed that the WMA would support any physician who faces political pressure to take part in forced feeding of hunger strikers against their ethical advice. Delegates agreed that where physicians are pressured to take part in torture, the WMA would protest internationally and publicize information about the case.

A policy of zero tolerance towards bullying and harassment in the medical profession was supported by the meeting. Delegates agreed a statement condemning bullying under any circumstances and encouraging all national medical associations members, medical schools, employers, and medical colleges to establish and implement anti-bullying and harassment policies.

Against a background of armed conflicts in many parts of the world, the Assembly issued a strongly worded statement reminding governments of the human consequence of warfare. It says that armed conflict should always be a last resort and physicians should encourage politicians, governments, and others in positions of power to be more aware of the consequence of their decisions to start or continue armed conflict.

A call for ethical codes for recruiting health professionals was agreed in a bid to reduce inappropriate recruitment activities by states. The Assembly approved a new policy to combat the problems of a global maldistribution of health care workers. It said that ethical recruitment codes were needed for both governments and commercial recruitment agencies to ensure that countries did not actively recruit from other states.

Guidance to physicians on dealing with child abuse were agreed. In a new policy document, the WMA says that child abuse in all its forms, including exploitation of children in the labor market, is a world health problem and that physicians have a unique and special role in identifying and helping abused children and their families.


Dr Jacqueline Kitulu was nominated to the credentials committee to represent Africa region to assess who can vote, numbers and also to count votes for the presidential elections which took place on Saturday 14th October 2017. Dr. Yoshitake Yokosuka, President of the Japan Medical Association, was installed as President of the WMA for 2017/2018.

Delivering Together for Healthy Empowered Women, Children and Adolescents – UN General Assembly (UNGA) 2017

Delivering Together for Healthy Empowered Women, Children and Adolescents – UN General Assembly (UNGA) 2017

KHF was on the 20th September 2017 represented by the Chairman Dr Amit Thakker at the 72nd Regular Session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA 72). The meeting which convened at UN Headquarters in New York had the general debate opened on 19 September 2017 and focused on the theme, ‘focusing on People: Striving for Peace and a Decent Life for all on a Sustainable Planet’.

In Line with PSHP Kenya project that is managed by KHF and UNFPA, the session on 20th September 2017 at the Every Woman Every Child Hub deliberated on what it takes to deliver on an integrated agenda for women, children and adolescents to achieve healthier, more prosperous and peaceful societies. The session which was moderated by Ms. Tikhala Itaye: President Afri YAN was attended by H.E Ms. Ana Helena Chacon Echeverria: Vice president of Costa Rica, Mr. Michel Sidibe: Executive Director UNAIDS, H.E Hala Bsaisu Lattouf: Minister of Social Development Jordan, Mr. Elhadj As Sy: Secretary – General IFRC, Mr. Wade Warren: Acting Deputy Administrator USAID and Dr Amit Thakker, Chairman Kenya Healthcare Federation. Dr Amit on behalf of PSHP- Kenya announced a new private sector member, Unilever and a new masterplan during this event.

KHF Participates in the German-African Healthcare Symposium 2017 Berlin

KHF Participates in the German-African Healthcare Symposium 2017 Berlin

Kenya Healthcare Federation was represented by the Chairman Dr Amit Thakker in this year’s German-African Healthcare Symposium that took place on the 18th October 2017 in Ellington Hotel, Nürnberger Berlin. The symposium is an official side-event of the 2017 World Health Summit and brought together high-level experts from Africa, Germany and Europe to discuss and shed light with an economic perspective to the results of the G20 Healthcare Conference, which took place in May 2017.

The event which is in particular directed to medium sized enterprises was organized by Afrika-Verein Veranstaltungs (AVV) and German Healthcare Partnership (GmbH). Dr Amit Thakker was privileged to join the health security panel alongside Prof. Dr Thomas Büttner: Member of the Board of Trustees of the German Fund for World Population, Dr Anthony Nsiah-Asare: Director General Ghana Health Service and Judith Helfmann-Hundack, Afrika-Verein der deutschen Wirtschaft (AV). The session touched on spread of disease, prevention & detection and coordinated response for a public health emergency.

KHF engages MoH, CoG & KNUN on Nurses Strike

KHF engages MoH, CoG & KNUN on Nurses Strike

Kenya Healthcare Federation has in the recent past engaged the Ministry of Health (MoH) Council of Governors (CoG) and the Kenya National Union of Nurses (KNUN) and relevant officials in a mid to end the nurses strike Stalemate.

In a meeting with KHF Director Ms. Winnie Shena and Human Resource Committee Chair Mr. Kennedy Auma, Mr. Meshack Ndolo CoG Health representative stated that they have held several discussions with KNUN to try and end the stalemate to no avail. The strike however remain illegal as stated by the court and the CoG is still committed to fresh talks to end the 4 months standoff. Mr. Ndolo urged the county leaders to individually own up the stalemate by seeking other Interventions undertaken by some counties like Nandi, Bomet, Uasin Gishu and partly Kimabu who have gone back to work not based on the CBA.

The genesis of the standoff was when the CoG was tasked by the Salary and Remuneration Commission (SRC) to demonstrate affordability and sustainability of the CBA. Nurses want the implementation of the CBA, including uniform allowance of KES 50,000 / pa. The SRC required that the CBA be pegged on job evaluation done, an exercise that KNUN obtained a court order for nurses not to participate. The 1st report on job evaluations done by SRC was rejected as it termed nurses unskilled creating a second ember to the standoff. The CoG has since organized a re –evaluation with all the relevant stakeholders including NCK, MTRH and KNH and the feedback from SRC was received by CoG.